Wetlands International European Association works to raise awareness about wetland ecosystems in Europe and advocate for the sustainable use of wetlands for people and nature.

Millions of waterbirds depend on a chain of healthy wetlands for their migration routes every year. We promote the conservation and sustainable management of wetlands throughout the length of their flyways. 

Healthy wetlands can help to reduce disaster risk and to adapt to impacts of climate change. We integrate ecosystem based solutions in policies and for disaster risk reduction.

Wetlands such as rivers, streams, swamps, lakes, and estuaries play a critical role in supplying and regulating water quantity and quality. Conserving and restoring this natural water infrastructure is a cost-effective investment strategy to increase water security for vulnerable cities and rural communities.

Peatlands globally store at least 550 Gigatonnes of carbon and are home to many threatened species.We are dedicated to saving the world’s peatlands. 



Invitation: Innovative Approaches in scaling up Community Resilience at the European Development Days

Together with the Red Cross and the World Bank, Wetlands International is organising an event at the European Development Days to highlight innovative approaches and partnerships in reducing disaster risks and adapting to the impacts of climate change. Registration to the European Development Days 2015 closes on the 25th of May.

Biofuels reform disappoints, time to deal with bioenergy

Strasbourg. The European Parliament has cast its final vote on the reform of EU biofuels laws. The final deal is a small step forward, but it fails to address the impacts of indirect land-use changes caused by biofuel demand. Now is the time to start considering a wider reform of bioenergy policies, addressing the sustainability not only of transport fuels but of all biomass used for the production of energy.

Energy Union plans risk watering down EU climate ambition

Brussels. The European Commission has announced its vision on an Energy Union with the stated aim of increasing the European Union’s energy independence and fighting climate change. However, its scarce emphasis on renewable energy and its attempt to use natural ecosystems to offset carbon emissions risk watering down the EU’s climate ambitions.

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Global News

Peatlands to be featured as a nature-based solution within INDCs
Bonn. At the upcoming round of climate negotiations, Wetlands International, together with IUCN and the Union of Concerned Scientists, will organise a side event to discuss the role of nature-based solutions within Intended Nationally Determined Contributions (INDCs). The side event will take place ...
5/27/2015 5:58:00 PM

NEWS: Stepping up action for wetlands worldwide
10-year Strategy to Safeguard and Restore Wetlands Released We are releasing Wetland Solutions for People and Nature, our Strategic Intent for 2015 – 2025. Around the world, wetlands are under growing pressure. Implementing this strategy will help prevent and reverse the loss of wetlands an...
5/12/2015 5:04:00 PM



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