Wetlands International European Association works to raise awareness about wetland ecosystems in Europe and advocate for the sustainable use of wetlands for people and nature.

Millions of waterbirds depend on a chain of healthy wetlands for their migration routes every year. We promote the conservation and sustainable management of wetlands throughout the length of their flyways. 

Healthy wetlands can help to reduce disaster risk and to adapt to impacts of climate change. We integrate ecosystem based solutions in policies and for disaster risk reduction.

Wetlands such as rivers, streams, swamps, lakes, and estuaries play a critical role in supplying and regulating water quantity and quality. Conserving and restoring this natural water infrastructure is a cost-effective investment strategy to increase water security for vulnerable cities and rural communities.

Peatlands globally store at least 550 Gigatonnes of carbon and are home to many threatened species.We are dedicated to saving the world’s peatlands. 


News and Blogs

Flood risk management and flood prevention in the Guadalete River basin

Wetlands International European Association collaborates with CIREF, the Regional Government of Andalusia and the University of Cadiz in the organisation of the dissemination session “Risk management and flood prevention in Guadalete River basin”, to be held in Jerez de la Frontera (Spain) on 2 October 2014. During the session, the Hydraulic Study for flood prevention and land planning of the Guadalete basin, situated in the south of Spain, will be presented.

NEWS: Environmentally harmful biomass given free rein until 2020

Brussels. The European Commission has announced it will postpone its plans to develop sustainability criteria for solid and gaseous biomass used for energy generation in the EU until 2020. As a result, unsustainable biomass will continue to be burned in the EU and counted towards renewable energy and climate targets for at least the next 6 years.

NEWS: European Ministers support ecosystem-based approaches to reduce disaster risks

Milan. European justice and security ministers called for ecosystem-based solutions and green infrastructure to reduce the underlying drivers of disaster risk and build resilience to the impacts of disasters and climate change.

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Global News

VIDEO BLOG: Why are wetlands important to you?
At the recent Wetland Solutions Stakeholder Forum in Rotterdam held on 22 September 2014, we interviewed some of our stakeholders on why wetlands are important to them. Here is what they said:
9/30/2014 3:23:00 PM

BLOG: Is development stuck in a destructive rut?
Or can we dream of a new world where ecology, economy and society are re-connected? By Jane Madgwick, Chief Executive Officer 
9/30/2014 10:56:00 AM



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