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Wetlands International Europe brings together 13 European NGO members from nine European countries, working together to raise awareness about wetland ecosystems and to advocate the sustainable use of wetlands for people and nature, in particular by linking science, policy and practice. All our member organisations focus on certain wetland ecosystems and their biodiversity, giving attention to particular threats, developing and trialing practical solutions and informing policies.

A regional office in a global network

Wetlands International Europe is part of the global Wetlands International network, the only global not-for-profit organisation dedicated to the conservation and restoration of wetlands. Wetlands International works through its network of offices, partners and experts to achieve our goals. It has 20 offices worldwide which share the same Global Strategy.

Our Core Values

We maintain the following core values:

  • Our work is relevant at European and global scale
  • Our work is based on sound science
  • We work through partnerships and with a wide range of sectors
  • We respect traditional values and knowledge
  • We respect human rights and aim to contribute to gender equality
  • We work in a transparent and accountable way