15 Dec 2022
Piano concert for wetlands

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Event Date: 15/12/2022
Venue: Conservatoire Royal de Bruxelles

Please join us for a special evening at the Conservatoire Royal de Bruxelles in the company of Serge Giacomotto, who will perform pieces by Bach-Busoni (Chaconne), Beethoven (Sonata Op. 110), and Chopin (Four Ballades, amongst others). The concert aims to raise awareness about wetland conservation efforts across the globe. The proceeds from the recital will contribute to funding the activities of Wetlands International.

Serge Giacomotto is a Policy Officer on Sustainable Finance at the European Commission and has been a keen amateur pianist for over 20 years, specialising in the music of Beethoven and Chopin.

December 15 2022 at 19:30-21:30

Conservatoire Royal de Bruxelles
Rue de la Régence 30
1000 Brussels

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Piano Concert for Wetlands International Programme