18 May 2023
19 May 2023
UK Dam Removal Conference

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Event Date: 18/05/2023 - 19/05/2023
Venue: Manchester, UK

Dam Removal Europe, The Rivers Trust and national partners are hosting a UK Dam Removal Conference on 18-19 May 2023. The two-day event will focus on the issues around delivering dam removals in challenging locations.

Invited speakers will discuss the reasons behind the slow rate of barrier removal, investigating the many challenges that have to be overcome before a structure can be removed. Speakers from across Britain and Europe will share their knowledge and experience of weir removal, detailing the physical, social, cultural and political problems encountered and the solutions found across a wide range of rivers in urban and rural settings. Delegates will gain a better understanding of likely issues to be encountered throughout the removal process and how they can be overcome, providing a knowledge framework to enable barrier removal rates to increase across Britain and Europe. The conference will also include field visits, contributing to attendees understanding of the issues around barrier removals.

Despite the challenges barrier removal has resulted in major successes in terms of river improvement and the conference will also cover the procedure and process of removal and report on the physical process, ecological and climate resilience success stories behind recent removals.

The conference will include the announcement of the Dam Removal Award winner during a special ceremony held at the venue and Jeremy Wade will be the evening speaker. The aim is to highlight best practices and some of the most inspiring projects.

The conference will take place at Emirates Old Trafford, Lancashire Cricket, Talbot Road, Manchester, M16 0PX, UK.

More details on the conference are available on the Dam Removal Europe website.