26 Mar 2023
World Water Day river walk

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Event Date: 26/03/2023
Venue: Madrid

To celebrate World Water Day, our Spanish member CIREF (Centro ibérico de restauración fluvial) is organising a walk along the Manzanares river in Madrid. The walk will take place along 30km of the river so bring good shoes!

The walk welcomes everyone who wishes to participate and registration is not necessary. It will take place on Sunday 26 March, from approximately 10am to 6pm.

The Manzanares River has approximately 30km of free-to-walk paths along its banks, stretching between the village of El Pardo to Butarque. The route will be divided into four sections of between 5 and 9 km (1.5 to 2.5 hours). Approximate starting times are provided for each section of the route.

Participants can do the walk together with the group or on their own. They can choose to walk the whole route, just one section or as many as they like!

More information on the route, sections and departure times is available on the CIREF website or the dedicated Caminar El Agua website.