Iberian Conference on River Restoration

The IV Iberian Conference on River Restoration, RestauraRios 2023, aims to look forward to 2030 and encourage dialogue between river recovery enthusiasts, scientists and government […]


CMok to host ‘Pact for Wetlands’ event to mark World Wetlands Day 2023

Wetlands International Europe member Centrum Ochrony Mokradeł (CMok) will host a conference to debate a new ‘Pact for Wetlands’ on 4-7 February. The event will […]


The role of wetlands in EU Programming plans in Africa – Briefing

This briefing highlights the role of wetlands and Wetlands International’s work in EU programming plans in Africa. The main aim of the operational briefing is […]


London Symposium debates ecological connectivity across temperate coastal habitats

The Zoological Society of London, a Wetlands International Europe member, hosted in collaboration with the University of Portsmouth an event in late November highlighting the […]


Wetlands and the war in Ukraine – hope amid catastrophe

Besides the tragic loss of human life and destruction of infrastructure, Ukraine’s environment has been another casualty of Russia’s invasion. Nature has suffered due to […]


Managing vegetation along natural watercourses to support healthier aquatic ecosystems

How can we improve vegetation management along natural watercourses to support healthier aquatic ecosystems? This video animation is produced by CIRF as part of the […]


The case for including wetlands in new EU rules on deforestation-free supply chains

The European Parliament and Council today reached a provisional agreement on an EU regulation on deforestation-free supply chains. The text fails to include wetlands and […]


Policy makers, experts discuss role of EU biodiversity strategy in freshwater fish conservation

Policy makers from the European Commission, NGOs and researchers gathered together in late November to discuss the conservation of freshwater fishes in Europe in the […]


New EU carbon removal certification rules should protect nature, wetlands

New EU rules on certifications for carbon removals can help to mobilise private sector funding for the restoration of wetlands, however EU legislators need to […]


International Waterbird Census coordinators meet to discuss counts, 2023 plans

Coordinators for the International Waterbird Census met in November to share updates from their 2022 counts and plans for the upcoming 2023 surveys. The coordinators […]