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The ALFAwetlands Midterm Conference was held from May 21-24, 2024, at the Neusiedl See – Seewinkel National Park Visitor Center in Illmitz, Austria.

The event brought together project partners, stakeholders, and the public to review progress, share results, and plan future actions for wetland restoration. Attendees participated in field trips to the Austrian and Hungarian Living Labs, gaining insights into ongoing restoration efforts and fostering cooperation.

Key highlights included the ALFAwetlands Living Lab Open Day and a photo exhibition, which showcased the project’s nine Living Labs across Europe. These labs facilitate interdisciplinary research and collaboration to develop and upscale innovative solutions for wetland preservation.

The conference also underscored Austria’s commitment to its Peatland Strategy 2030+, aiming to conserve and restore peatlands, raise awareness, and encourage collective action. Research updates across five work packages were presented, covering land use assessment, inclusive restoration practices, ecosystem-scale restoration, modelling scenarios, and socio-economic impacts.

ALFAwetlands, coordinated by the Natural Resources Institute Finland (Luke), involves 14 organizations across 10 EU countries. The project aims to enhance wetland knowledge, co-create restoration pathways, and maximize benefits for climate change mitigation and biodiversity.

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ALFAwetlands – Wetland restoration for the future 2024