First-ever European Dam Removal Award

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We’re celebrating the most innovative and inspiring barrier removals of 2021 on European rivers with a new award that includes a cash prize of 10,000 euros!

This inaugural award is an occasion to mark the best dam removal project of 2021 in Europe. The purpose is to give recognition to the most outstanding civil society coalitions who complete successful removals – and inspire more people to follow to restore free-flowing rivers. The most inspiring project will be awarded 10,000 euros towards the next removal. Runners up will not be left empty-handed.

Nominations are open until 15 April 2022. The award winner will be announced at the upcoming Dam Removal Europe Seminar in Portugal 19 -21 May 2022.

More information on eligibility, rules and selection criteria is available here:

The award is hosted by Dam Removal Europe, World Fish Migration Foundation and WWF and supported by the European Investment Bank.

Photo Brazuole River, Lithuania, credit Karolina-Gurjazkaite