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The 2024 EU Green Week is kicking off on Wednesday 29th May and we are actively participating in the programme as a partner organisation. Please find below the agenda of Wetlands International Europe’s events organised for the EU Green Week and register through the corresponding links.

29th May – Green sponges for water and climate resilience

(In-person event) Join us at the Press Club in Brussels or online on May 29th at 9:00 for an engaging discussion hosted by the Living Rivers Europe NGO coalition as part of the EU Green Week. We’ll be focusing on the vital topic of water storage and climate resilience.

The event will be moderated by Chris Baker, Wetlands International Europe’s director. Our Freshwater Manager, Paul Brotherton, will be one of the panellists and present our work on natural sponges. The event will feature the different perspectives and experiences of the European Commission, Belgian Presidency and other key stakeholders, including the private sector, government and land owners.

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11th June – Wetlands solutions for water resilience and disaster risk reduction

(Hybrid event) The event organised by WaterLANDS and  Wetlands International Europe will explore the EU policy context relating to water resilience, set the scene for wetlands conservation and restoration, and discuss benefits for disaster risk reduction. It will also highlight wetland-based solutions applied throughout Europe to boost water storage capacities, mitigate floods, fires, or pollution.

The EU and Member States must invest in conserving and restoring wetlands. This should be a key strategy to contribute to their climate commitments and to reduce and mitigate disaster risks. A first part of the event will discuss how governance, policy, financing, must be mobilised at full scale. The second part of the event aims to inform about nature-based solutions offered by wetlands, what needs to be done at the EU level to upscale such solutions, and highlight case examples to convince policymakers, investors, academia, and civil society of the benefits of wetlands restoration for water resilience. 

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17th June – Roundtable on EU Wetland Partnerships. Putting wetlands at the centre of climate and biodiversity agenda

(Hybrid event) This event aims to increase understanding of the potential of Wetland Partnerships, with a particular focus on the value of the Pantanal – the world’s largest tropical wetland –  and the need for the EU and third countries to collaborate to conserve and sustainably manage this biome for the prosperity of communities, including indigenous and traditional communities, that inhabit this globally critical wetland.

By bringing together representatives of the Ramsar Convention on Wetlands, the Slovenian vice-chair of the Bureau of the UNECE Water Convention, the European Commission, the European Parliament, and the Brazilian government, this session aims at emphasising that Wetland Partnerships could support the EU’s efforts in promoting the green transition, strengthening global water security and water resilience and supporting the implementation of global climate and environment commitments.

The event will be structured around two moments: a video screening and roundtable discussion, followed by a network reception with a photo exhibition of the Pantanal.

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