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Nature is essential to our survival. To prevent the increasing fires across the continent. To resist the floods destroying European homes and livelihoods. To generate healthy ecosystems to produce food in the long-term. Nature is our biggest ally in the fight against the climate crisis. And we need nature for our mental well-being and health. But did you know 80% of Europe’s nature is in bad shape?

Luckily, all hope is not lost! We have a once-in-a lifetime opportunity to bring back nature to Europe: a law to #RestoreNature, which EU policymakers are discussing at this very moment. What makes this opportunity unique is that this law will legally oblige EU countries to restore a set amount of nature. If they fail, they can be held accountable, and taken to court. We need to #RestoreNature now!

Join the campaign and take action by sending policymakers a picture of nature you would like to see restored and a letter asking them to adopt a strong law. Fill in the form below!

Why the law matters for wetlands

Many of Europe’s wetlands have either disappeared or become heavily degraded over previous centuries, due to drainage for agriculture or infrastructure, pollution, over-exploitation or the effects of climate change. However, they are key ecosystems, contributing to many of the EU’s environmental, climate, biodiversity and social goals. The EU Nature Restoration Law, which will set rules for the restoration of Europe’s degraded ecosystems, habitats and species, can provide a catalyst to unlock the potential of wetland restoration.

Wetlands provide a number of important services to societies, including securing clean drinking water, filtering pollutants, contributing to mitigating and adapting to climate change, reducing the risk of disasters such as floods, habitat for numerous species, and are sites for recreational activities. The multi-faceted nature of wetlands means that protecting and restoring them is an efficient way of contributing to achieving numerous EU goals in environmental, climate and biodiversity policy. An EU Nature Restoration Law that sets strong measures for the restoration of wetlands can help to unlock their potential, for the benefit of people and nature.