We are now members of CONCORD!

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Wetlands International – European Association are proud to share that we have become members of CONCORD – a European confederation of NGO’s working within relief and development.

Our mission to inspire and mobilise society to safeguard and restore wetlands entails a strong people’s component, in line with CONCORD’s fundamental values. After a long and enriching collaboration with the CONCORD secretariat, Wetlands International Europe applied to become a member. We are very happy to announce that we have made it through the tough selection process and can now call ourselves CONCORD-members!

Our aim is always to reconcile societal needs with wetland recovery. By being a part of CONCORD, we aim at inspiring others, by bringing attention to the critical issues facing wetlands, as well as the levers for change. We can do this by building coalitions of actors for implementing activities that reconcile different uses of wetland natural resources and integrate the values of healthy wetlands into local economies.

We are very excited to start working together with CONCORD and believe that collaborating will enrich both sides. We believe in strategic approaches for cross-sectoral partnerships to provide transformative initiatives, being a part of CONCORD will be an opportunity to foster this type of partnerships. The CONCORD network will allow Wetlands International Europe to create new partnerships and alliances with other NGO’s to work on different policy developments. It is a great opportunity to expand our network and improve our external dimension work. Meanwhile, Wetlands International Europe will bring an environmental angle to development policies and investments. This applies to areas such as ecosystem-based approaches to disaster risk reduction and climate change adaptation, climate change advocacy work, water security, community resilience and water diplomacy.

Header image: Les Hautes Fagnes, Belgium © Yurena Lorenzo