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Project Officer, Swimways

I am a Project Officer for the Trans-European Swimways Programme.

Rivers and the life within them are increasingly threatened, as is the mobility and connectivity of fish. The Trans-European Swimways Network aims to improve these valuable ecosystems by establishing a European network of organisations and raising awareness about these problems by drawing attention to the obstacles and threats that prevent fish and other organisms from completing their life cycles.

Having always been passionate about nature, I studied forest engineering focusing on aquatic ecosystem restoration, and I am currently pursuing an international master’s in Applied Ecohydrology in Belgium. I have experience in several organisations such as World Fish Migration Foundation and Dam Removal Europe, which focus on developing a global network of people working on projects related to fish migration and river protection, as well as demolishing obsolete barriers to allow rivers to flow freely. In my spare time I enjoy doing sports like jogging, biking, hiking, and climbing. I’m also passionate about traveling and discovering new things and people to learn from.