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Project Officer, Nature-based Solutions

I joined Wetlands International Europe in September 2023 and will be taking on the role of Nature-based Solutions Project Officer. Within this role, I will be promoting the use of Nature-based Solutions to decrease the risk of floods and droughts and adapt to climate change. My main focus will be on restoring the sponge-like function of soils to increase water retention in Middle Mountain areas in Europe.

During my study International Land and Water Management at Wageningen University and Research, I have gained knowledge on climate change adaptation and adaptive water management. I am interested in Nature-based Solutions for freshwater areas but also for coastal areas and have experience in coastal ecosystems and marine resource management. Therefore, I am excited to be working on Nature-based Solutions for Wetlands International Europe. After my studies I have worked for WWF-NL on sponge restoration and the promotion of Nature-based Solutions in Europe. During this time I have worked on European projects with the aim to mainstream large-scale, freshwater Nature-based Solutions within the water supply and sanitation sector and the insurance sector.