77,000+ citizens call on Slovenian government to stop damming of the Mura River

On World Water Day, Living Rivers Europe – a coalition of five environmental and angling organisations – is calling for Slovenia to abandon plans to […]


Assessing the resilience of Mediterranean wetlands – are we within the safety limits?

Several pressures related to land-use change, such as fragmentation, drainage or pollution, are currently menacing Europe’s wetlands[1]. This has resulted in 51% of wetland-related habitats […]


For wildlife conservation, countries need good governance

Data from the International Waterbirds Census has enabled a global study of the factors that enable conservation to succeed: Protecting an area for wildlife can work – but it works better in countries with robust political governance.


How to submit your Luc Hoffmann Medal nomination in 4 simple steps

So, you know a Wetland Champion who has shown outstanding leadership in wetland science, conservation or awareness raising? And you’d like to nominate them for […]


Benefits of European river restoration schemes

River restoration refers to ecological, physical, spatial, and management measures and practices aimed at restoring a more natural state and functioning of the river system […]


The value of counting birds for people and nature

The International Waterbird Census enters its 52nd year as one of the largest citizen science programmes in the world. Every blue dot on this map shows where volunteers have taken part in the Census in the years since 1967.


Luc Hoffmann Medal now open for nominations

Wetlands International aims to promote the conservation and restoration of wetlands worldwide. As part of this, we award the Wetlands International Luc Hoffmann Medal for […]


Restoration of the sponge function in wetland soils as a measure for integrated river basin management in the Rhine catchment

Urbanisation and agriculture in the Rhine basin have driven loss of water storage capacity in floodplains. Changing precipitation patterns are expected to lead to increased […]


Webinar series ‘Restoring river continuity: methods and open challenges’

Wetlands International – European Association and the Italian Center for River Restoration invite you to join a series of webinars explaining methods and challenges of […]


KEY MESSAGES – Upscaling ecosystem based disaster risk reduction and climate change adaptation investments to reduce disaster risks

On 13th October, on the occasion of the International Day for Disaster Reduction”, Wetlands International, together with European Commission, UNISDR, UNESCO and VOICE held a […]