Policy Brief on Indirect Land Use Change and Peatlands

In this policy brief (March 2013) to the EU parliament and ministers, Wetlands International offers recommendations to effectively address indirect land use change emissions (ILUC) […]


Rivers by Design

A step-by-step guide for planners, developers, architects and landscape architects on how to maximise the benefits of river restoration in development projects. Rivers by Design […]


Peatlands – guidance for climate change mitigation by conservation, rehabilitation and sustainable use

This is the second edition of the publication that informs on management and finance options to achieve emissions reductions and enhance other vital ecosystem services […]


Submission on Policy Options for the Blueprint to Safeguard Europe’s waters

Wetlands International and several partners with an interest in European water policy made the following submission to the European Commission’s Consultation on Policy Options for […]


Letter to EU president Barosso on Biofuels and Indirect Land Use Change

Wetlands International together with over 100 environmental and civil society NGOs have written to the European Commission President, José Manuel Barroso and his Commissioner colleagues, […]


Letter to European governments on carbon dense fuels

Wetlands International signed the letter from a coalition of European  NGOs to the governments and Commission on banning carbon dense fuels. The NGOs ask to take […]


Letter to the European Commission on the implementation of the EU Biofuel Directive

This is a letter from a long list of NGOs and sent by Wetlands International to the European Commission on the implementation of the EU […]


Submission to the European Commission regarding indirect land use change due to biofuels

This is the joint submission of the EU Biofuels Coalition on the Issue  of indirect land use change (ILUC) in relation to the growing demands […]


Outbreaks of highly pathogenic avian influenza in Europe: the risks associated with wild birds

The infection of wild birds by highly pathogenic strains of avian influenza (AI) virus was virtually unknown – apart from one instance of the disease […]


A Quick Scan of Peatlands in Central and Eastern Europe

A Quick Scan of Peatlands in Central and Eastern Europe reviews the status, conservation and use of peatlands in the countries participating in the BBI-Matra Programme (Belarus, Russian Federation, […]