Press release on achieving the protected status for Polesia, Europe’s largest wetland wilderness

Conservationists from Belarus and Ukraine participating in the Polesia – Wilderness Without Borders – an Endangered Landscapes Programme supported project– are calling for Europe’s largest […]


Wetlands International Europe Strategy 2020-2030


Free, international webinar: Removing “Road Dams” in Europe? 19 January

Wetlands International – European Association, The US Forest Service, The Nature Conservancy and The World Fish Migration Foundation invite you to the webinar: Removing “Road […]


Evaluating river restoration measures in draft River Basin Management Plans in Spain

To determine the extent to which ecological restoration measures were included draft River Basin Management Plans (RBMPs), CIREF reviewed the plans from the Duero and […]


Managing Natura 2000 protected areas matter to help waterbirds to shift their range during climate change

New research suggests that the management of protected area can advance range shifts of wintering waterbirds towards north as the climate warms Climate warming push […]

Site monitoring framework draft

Target 3.2 of the AEWA Strategic Plan 2019-2027 sets out that “The status of, the threats to, and the effectiveness of conservation measures implemented at […]

AEWA waterbird monitoring priorities

In June 2021, the AEWA Standing Committee has approved the draft report on Monitoring priorities for waterbird species and populations of AEWA written by Wetlands […]


EU trend analysis of wintering waterbirds 2021

We have published the trend of waterbirds wintering in the European Union for 7 species listed on Annex I of the Bird Directive, 18 species […]


Lithuania to take up MoorFutures Carbon Standard

It is increasingly recognised that peatlands aren’t valued enough. Despite the many gifts that healthy peatlands offer us, like the long-term storage and sequestration of […]


Why strong EU forest legislation should give root to thriving wetlands    

In tune with the “trees will save us” mantra, the EU has recently published a variety of legislation on deforestation. Yet, while it is encouraging […]