Celebrate World Fish Migration Day with us on 21 April

The World Fish Migration Day is a one day global-local event to create awareness on the importance of free-flowing rivers and migratory fish. The main goal is […]


Webinar series ‘Restoring river continuity: methods and open challenges’

Wetlands International – European Association and the Italian Center for River Restoration invite you to join a series of webinars explaining methods and challenges of […]


COP23 side event: The need for local action to sustain peatlands globally

The UN Climate Change Conference, COP23, has just started (6-17 November 2017) in Bonn.  This year’s focus is on the development of guidelines on how […]


Upscaling  ecosystem-based disaster risk reduction (eco-DRR) investments to reduce disaster risks

On 13th October, Wetlands International together with the European Commission, UNISDR, UNESCO will organise a conference on the occasion of the International Day for Disaster Reduction. […]


Report Session at the EDD17 – Water Shocks: Wetlands and Human Migration in the Sahel

Wetlands International will be at the 11th Edition of the European Development Days. On 7th June at 6pm outstanding speakers will discuss the key role […]


European Forum Disaster Risk Reduction – Turkey

Wetlands International will actively participate in the 2017 European Forum Disaster Risk Reduction (EFDRR) Open Forum that will take place in Istanbul, Turkey from 26 […]


EVENT- The river Sava: Threats and restoration potential

On 28 March 2017, our Member EuroNatur Foundation will launch the ‘Sava White Book: The Sava River Basin – its ecological character, main threats and restoration […]

Eighth Woodcock and Snipe Workshop

The Centro de Investigação em Biodiversidade e Recursos Genéticos (CIBIO-InBIO, Portugal), the Office national de la chasse et de la faune sauvage (ONCFS, France), Wetlands […]


Wetlands and Peat – Understanding the Potential

10.30 -12.00 Wetlands are one of the fastest declining ecosystem types worldwide, while at the same time they are hot spot areas for biodiversity and […]


Incorporating Blue Carbon into Nationally Determined Contributions under the Paris Agreement

Coastal blue carbon ecosystems – mangroves, tidal marshes and seagrass meadows – present considerable potential for carbon storage and resilience. 13.15 – 14.45 Join experts […]