17 Jun 2024
EU GREEN WEEK: Roundtable on EU Wetland Partnerships. Putting wetlands at the centre of climate and biodiversity agenda

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Event Date: 17/06/2024
Venue: In-person (upon invitation only) and online

Protecting, restoring and wisely using wetlands in line with the strategic objectives of the Convention on Wetlands is critical to achieve global biodiversity, climate, water and development goals, including the Kunming-Montreal Global Biodiversity Framework (KMGBF).

The European Union could play a paramount and leadership role in addressing the triple planetary crisis by supporting signatory partner countries in the implementation of global commitments through Wetland Partnerships. Wetland Partnerships can also contribute to the achievement of flagship multi-sectoral global wetland initiatives such as the Mangrove Breakthrough and Freshwater Challenge. It is hoped that the first EU Wetland Partnerships could be signed at UNFCCC COP30 in Brazil in 2025.

This event aims to increase understanding of the potential of Wetland Partnerships, with a particular focus on the value of the Pantanal – the world’s largest tropical wetland –  and the need for the EU and third countries to collaborate to conserve and sustainably manage this biome for the prosperity of communities, including indigenous and traditional communities, that inhabit this globally critical wetland.

This session seeks to foster an open discussion on the importance of mobilising investments for large scale landscape wetland restoration/conservation projects and applying a comprehensive and integrated sustainable approach to support countries to build peaceful and inclusive societies.

By bringing together representatives of the Ramsar Convention on Wetlands, the Slovenian vice-chair of the Bureau of the UNECE Water Convention, the European Commission, the European Parliament, and the Brazilian government, this session aims at emphasising that Wetland Partnerships could support the EU’s efforts in promoting the green transition, strengthening global water security and water resilience and supporting the implementation of global climate and environment commitments.

The event, jointly organised with Environmental Justice Foundation, will be structured around two moments: a video screening and roundtable discussion, followed by a network reception with a photo exhibition of the Pantanal.

In-person (upon invitation only) and online
15.30    Welcoming and video screening by Steve Trent, CEO, Environmental Justice Foundation
15.40    Keynote speech by:

  • Dr Musonda Mumba, Secretary General of the Convention on Wetlands
  • Ms Barbara Pompili, Special Envoy to the President of the French Republic for the One Water Summit

Roundtable discussion by

  • Why EU Wetland Partnerships? – Dr Chris Baker, Director of Wetlands International Europe
  • EU Global Water Commitments – Ms Veronica Manfredi, Director for Zero Pollution and Green Cities DG ENVI
  • Towards Water Resilience at UNECE Water Convention – Dr Aleš Bizjak, Vice-chair of the Bureau of the UNECE Water Convention, Ministry of Natural Resources and Spatial Planning, Slovenia
  • Wetlands an essential part of the EU Blue deal and Blue diplomacy – Péter Olajos, EU Blue Deal Co-rapporteur, CCMI Delegate at European Economic and Social Committee, President of CEEweb for Biodiversity
  • Pantanal – Artur Falcette, Executive Secretary of Environment, Mato Grosso do Sul State Government

16.40 Q&A session and closing remarks
17.00 Network reception + photo exhibition (only in-person)