04 Feb 2023
07 Feb 2023
CMok to host ‘Pact for Wetlands’ event to mark World Wetlands Day 2023

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Event Date: 04/02/2023 - 07/02/2023

Wetlands International Europe member Centrum Ochrony Mokradeł (CMok) will host a conference to debate a new ‘Pact for Wetlands’ on 4-7 February. The event will focus on wetland protection in Poland and marks the occasion of World Wetlands Day, which takes place on 2 February.

Wetlands are essential if we are to reverse the climate and biodiversity crises. An increasing share of society and decision-makers in Poland are aware of this. However, most of the wetlands in our country have been destroyed and in need of restoration. Additionally, all remaining well-preserved wetlands must be protected to be in line with international climate and biodiversity targets. This is a huge challenge that requires coordination, research, public participation and a coherent strategy. To debate these issues and to mark World Wetlands Day 2023, Centrum Ochrony Mokradeł (CMok), a Wetlands International Europe member from Poland, and the Faculty of Biology of the University of Warsaw, are organising a scientific conference on the protection of wetlands.

More information on the event can be found here and the programme here (in Polish).