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Wetlands International is a global network dedicated to safeguarding and restoring wetlands — for people and nature. We are driven by the knowledge that safeguarding and restoring wetlands is urgent and vital for water security, biodiversity, climate regulation, sustainable development and human health.

Working in Europe for a global impact

Wetlands International – European Association brings together ten European NGO members, working together to raise awareness about wetland ecosystems and to advocate the sustainable use of wetlands for people and nature, in particular by linking science, policy and practice.

European Association Members

Centro Ibérico de Restauración Fluvial (Spain)

Centro Italiano per la Riqualificazione Fluviale (Italy)

Centrum Ochrony Mokradeł (Poland)

EuroNatur (Germany)

Tour du Valat (France)

Sustainable Eel Group (UK)

Wildfowl and Wetlands Trust (UK)

Zoological Society of London (UK)

Michael Succow Foundation (Germany)

Fundación Global Nature (Spain)

A regional office in a global network

Wetlands International – European Association is part of the global Wetlands International network, which has approximately 150 staff members employed in 16 offices worldwide. We bring knowledge into policy and practice, connect local actions in 100 countries to make a global difference, we catalyze actions that support those that use or depend on wetlands, and we are passionate about the positive change we make for people and nature.

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