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Does your organization support our vision of a world where wetlands are treasured and nurtured for their beauty, the life they support and the resources they provide? Take a look at what a membership in Wetlands International Europe entails!

Wetlands International Europe is a member-based association, consisting of a variety of members working on different topics and scales of operation all over Europe. Together with our network of partners and alliances, we foster an understanding of the need to address water and biodiversity issues in an integrated manner. With this joint expertise, we conduct evidence-based influencing towards EU policy and decision-makers. Wetlands International Europe’s network is wide-ranged, and we welcome all organizations sharing our visions and goals as outlined in our strategy for 2020-2030 to be part of our growing family.

Why Wetlands International Europe?


Wetlands International Europe offers its members a variety of benefits and opportunities. Joining our programme activities will enable your organization to create a larger impact, bringing your message to the drivers of policy development and funding programmes, benefiting from our expert teams’ technical advice and supporting to influence regional policy processes or simply by being part of the strategic shaping of Wetlands International Europe.

Learn more about how a membership in Wetlands International Europe can benefit your organization in the document below “Becoming a member” and “Application letter”. If you still need more information please contact our Programme Manager at [email protected]

Becoming a member of Wetlands International Europe