31 May 2022
Future BirdScenarios

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Event Date: 31/05/2022
Venue: Online webinar

Future BirdScenarios: The impact of climate change on our bird conservation policies webinar

The Biodiversa+ funded Future BirdScenarios project has focused on integrating citizen science data from national monitoring schemes such as the International Waterbird Census (IWC) coordinated by Wetlands International, and the European Breeding Bird Atlas coordinated by the European Bird Census Council (EBCC) to model impacts of global change scenarios. The webinar will present the results of this project together with the projections produced under the Climate Resilient Flyway project funded by the German International Climate Initiative. The presentations will be followed-up by a discussion focusing on the implications of the observed and projected future changes in the bird conservation policy and site management in the European Union and its Member States, and how further research could inform the policy development.

Agenda (Central European Time)

14:00 Implications of climate change for the EU bird conservation policies (PDF)
LUISA SAMARELLI, Unit D.3 – Nature Conservation, DG Environment, European Commission
14:20 Predicted changes in waterbird distribution and its impact for the flyway site network (PDF)
SZABOLCS NAGY, Wetlands International Europe
14:40 The European Breeding Bird Atlas confirms predicted changes in waterbird distribution (PDF)
ALAAELDIN SOULTAN, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences
15:00 Climate-driven range shifts of waterbird abundances and its implications for the protected
area target of the EU Biodiversity Strategy (PDF)
DIEGO PAVÓN-JORDÁN, Norwegian Institute for Nature Research
15:20 Managing protected areas to improve bird adaptation to climate change (PDF)
ELIE GAGET, University of Turku
15:40 Discussion: Implications for bird conservation in the EU
JON E. BROMMER, University of Turku
16:30 Meeting ends

Video recording
The webinar can be watched here: