07 Jun 2017
Report Session at the EDD17 – Water Shocks: Wetlands and Human Migration in the Sahel

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Event Date: 07/06/2017
Venue: Tour & Taxi Brussels

Wetlands International will be at the 11th Edition of the European Development Days. On 7th June at 6pm outstanding speakers will discuss the key role of wetlands in the Sahel and how their degradation can negatively affect livelihood, thus forcing people to migrate to look for water and food.

The report session will be moderated by Fred Pearce.


6.00 – 6.10 Opening and introduction of the “Water Shocks: Wetlands and Human Migration in the Sahel” report – Fred Pearce, moderator

6.10 – 6.20 Sustaining and rehabilitating wetlands in the Sahel as part of resilience strategies – Jane Madgwick, CEO Wetlands International

6.20 – 6.30 Supporting renewable energy deployment in Africa by leveraging more investments in natural infrastructure – Felice Zaccheo, Head of Unit C.6 – Sustainable Energy and Climate Change – DG DEVCO

6.30 – 6.40 Migration as a multi-causal phenomenon and opportunity for adaptation – Eugenio Ambrosi, Regional Director of IOM’s Regional Office for the EU, Norway and Switzerland

6.40 – 6.50 How can multi-disciplinary partnerships contribute to Ecosystem resilience linked to Human Resilience? PfR experience – Raimond Duijsens, Global Coordinator, Partners for Resilience

6.50 – 7.10 Q&A

7.10 – 7.15 Wrap up

The event will be live on https://youtu.be/0SvsHaNlcaU


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