MYRIAD-EU: Creating a risk management paradigm shift

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On 14 June, we organised an internal informative lunch session on a H2020 project we are part of as sectoral representative for ecosystems: MYRIAD-EU. MYRIAD-EU’s vision is to catalyse a paradigm shift towards a multi-risk, multi-sector, systemic approach to risk management. The aim of the project is that by the end of MYRIAD-EU policy-makers, decision-makers, and practitioners can develop forward-looking disaster risk management pathways that assess trade-offs and synergies across sectors, hazards, and scales.

We will co-develop the first harmonised framework for multi-hazard, multi-sector, systemic risk management. It provides a set of practical guidelines for carrying out a multi-risk assessment, formalised in guidance protocols. We will develop a web-based dashboard for navigating the framework, which gives access to state-of-the-art products and services of MYRIAD-EU and links to key resources from external projects.

Central to MYRIAD-EU is a laboratory of systemic multi-hazard risk assessment and management. Within this laboratory, we co-develop the framework, and products and services to operationalise the framework, with stakeholders in five multi-scale Pilots: North Sea, Canary Islands, Scandinavia, Danube, Veneto.

Each Pilot focuses on (interlinkages between) three of the following six sectors: infrastructure & transport, food & agriculture, ecosystems & forestry, energy, finance, tourism. For each Pilot, we examine multi-hazard risk within the region, as well as indirect, cross-sectoral, and interregional risks throughout the EU. MYRIAD-EU is designed to maximise impact. Our laboratory ensures that designing solutions to real-world challenges is central and that stakeholder co-development occurs throughout the project.

To ensure that we reach key stakeholders, our consortium includes a Sectoral Representative for each of our key sectors – a leading institute from practice with an excellent network. MYRIAD-EU sets itself apart from other projects by addressing multi-hazard risk management through the lens of forward-looking sustainability challenges cutting across sectors, regions, and hazards.


  • Prof. Dr. Philip Ward, Professor of Global Water Risk Dynamics, Head Global Water and Climate Risk, Instituut voor Milieuvraagstukken (IVM) – Institute for Environmental Studies, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam
  • Silvia Torresan, PhD, CMCC@Ca’Foscari, Centro Euro-Mediterraneo sui Cambiamenti Climatici | Università Ca’ Foscari Venezia

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