Ruba Hilal

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Project Coordinator

In 2023, I joined Wetland International Europe as a Project Coordinator, responsible for supporting the organization’s technical and financial endeavours in project development and implementation. My primary focus is on developing new projects and fostering strong connections with partners and members to ensure effective management of project partnerships.

Before joining Wetlands International Europe, my career was centred on the youth and children sector. Over more than a decade, I honed my expertise in project and financial management in various NGOs and networks. My experiences in diverse cities like Brussels, Berlin, and Ramallah equipped me with exceptional interpersonal communication skills, facilitating cross-cultural understanding and proficiency in different project concepts.

My academic journey includes a master’s degree in European Studies, providing a solid foundation in comprehending the complexities of the European context and its relevance to Wetlands International Europe’s projects.

I consistently fight for meaningful causes and with a passion for environmental conservation and a commitment to collaborative partnerships, I look forward to making a positive impact, safeguarding precious wetlands across Europe through efficient and impactful project management.