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Head of office and Programme Manager

I am leading Wetlands International’s European operations from my position of interim Director and Programme Manager in Brussels. I oversee Wetlands International Europe’s programmes on biodiversity, external action, freshwater, and peatlands that aim to raise awareness on the values, status and trends of wetlands, and their importance in attaining European policy goals.

For over ten years, I have been dedicated to the development and management of international environmental projects and programmes in different countries around Europe. I started my career in Spain as an intern at the Fundación Biodiversidad working in environmental development cooperation projects and programmes. This experience awakened my interest in programme management, and after my move to Romania, where I lived for over seven years, I had the chance to continue with my passion for projects and programmes related to rural development, environment, and nature and biodiversity. As a highlight, for two years, I was responsible for the establishment and coordination of the policy and advocacy activities of the regional structure of the Romanian National Rural Network. In 2016, I moved to Malta, where I had the opportunity to work for the Ministry for the Environment in the LIFE programme’s focal point, and with BirdLife Malta where I led the programme development activities.