Yurena Lorenzo

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Head of Programmes

I coordinate the development and implementation of the project portfolio of Wetlands International Europe that aims at gaining recognition for the value of wetland ecosystems, and to ensure integration of wetland-related concerns into relevant sectoral policies of the European Union, including their impact of EU policies on wetlands in other regions of the world. I am also responsible of the development and coordination of member and partner networks, programme and project implementation, new proposal preparation and the management of staff leading key projects, working in close collaboration with members of the European Association.

For over ten years, I have been dedicated to the development and management of international environmental projects and programmes in different countries around Europe. I started at the Fundaci├│n Biodiversidad working in environmental development cooperation projects and programmes. This experience awakened my interest in programme management, and after my move to Romania, where I lived for almost a decade, I had the chance to continue with my passion for projects and programmes related to rural development, environment, and nature and biodiversity. As a highlight, for two years, I was responsible for the establishment and coordination of the policy and advocacy activities of the regional structure of the Romanian National Rural Network. In 2016, I moved to Malta, where I had the opportunity to work for the Ministry for the Environment in the LIFE programme’s focal point, and with BirdLife Malta where I led the programme development activities.