#RestoreNature joint statement, September 2023

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Wetlands International Europe supports the #RestoreNature civil society joint statement (September 2023) and calls upon all EU Member States, Members of the European Parliament and the European Commission to urgently adopt a strong Nature Restoration Law that is fit for purpose to tackle the twin biodiversity and climate crises. This Statement is supported by 200 civil society organisations.

After the EU Commission, Council and Parliament adopted their own position on the Nature Restoration Law (NRL) by July 2023, the Trilogue phase of the legislative procedure began. During the Trilogue, the 3 institutions responsible for the file are negotiating the final version of the law, which will then be voted on and eventually become reality.

The Trilogue represents a chance to get these targets and other overlooked points back in the Nature restoration Law, including by ensuring that all terrestrial and marine habitats are adequately covered by the legislation, that the non-deterioration principle is adopted, and that the restoration of drained peatlands benefits from ambitious targets.

An earlier version of this joint statement was launched in March 2023, where more than 210 NGOs asked for a strong and ambitious Nature Restoration Law during a previous phase of the negotiations. With the Trilogue negotiations, NGOs reiterate their support to this legislation.