Weakening the EU Water Law: Industry’s Wish List

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This briefing by the Living Rivers Europe coalition shows that unsustainable industries, including industrial agriculture, hydropower and coal mining, are lobbying for devastating changes to the EU water law – the Water Framework Directive (WFD). Some Member States have compiled a strikingly similar wish list, raising serious questions as to where their true interests lie.

The briefing shows the clear alignment between the wishes of some Member States and those of industry lobby groups. If ever put into effect, such changes would give these sectors the green light to undertake even more destructive activities, making it even harder to protect and restore the ecological health of our rivers, lakes and wetlands. 

Living Rivers Europe is WWF, EEB, Wetlands International, the European Anglers Alliance and European Rivers Network, representing a movement of over 40 million people across Europe. Together, we work to safeguard the WFD and strengthen its implementation and enforcement.

Weakening the EU Water Law: Industry's Wish List