Celebrating Fish Migration Day in Valencia

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AEMS-Rios con Vida, the Iberian Centre for River Restoration, and Wetlands International Europe joined forces once again to organise an event marking Fish Migration Day on the picturesque Palancia River in Castellón, Spain. This collaborative effort, made possible by European financing from LIFE grants, aimed to raise awareness about the importance of ecological connectivity among rivers and wetlands for biodiversity preservation. 

Palancia River in Castellón, Spain


The event, which took place on 3 June, principally sought to enhance the river ecology knowledge of students from the Universitat Politécnica de Valencia specialising in river restoration and hydrographic basin recovery. They learned about the impact of barriers on sediment transport, and the importance of fish migrations and river connectivity worldwide. They also learned about the Trans-European Swimways programme, launched last year by Wetlands International Europe.  

The students were able to observe aquatic macroinvertebrates, which serve as indicators of river health. The event showcased eradication efforts for invasive reeds aimed at regenerating the riverside forest by the Confederación Hidrográfica del Júcar, in partnership with AEMS-Rios con Vida.  




The celebration of Fish Migration Day on the Palancia River emphasised the need to restore water and life highways and preserve biodiversity. The event brought attention to the importance of ecological connectivity and highlighted the need for collaborate efforts in restorating and protecting our precious rivers and wetlands.