Wetlands International Europe members, experts share experiences on voluntary carbon markets

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On 10 November, Wetlands International held an online workshop aimed at sharing their experiences and advice on the Do’s and Don’ts of Voluntary Carbon Markets Schemes. The attendees – Wetlands International Europe members, academics and conservation organisations from central and eastern Europe – also explored different approaches to peatland conservation via voluntary carbon finance projects.

Wetlands International’s Femke Tonneijck presented the organisation’s global position on voluntary carbon markets (VCM). These schemes present an opportunity to channel domestic and international investment into wetland conservation and restoration. Wetlands International calls for high quality credits that ensure socio-environmental integrity and for the mitigation hierarchy to be followed (avoid, minimize, remediate, and offset).

Franco Luciano of Wetlands International Europe provided insights into an upcoming report on European policies on VCMs and peatlands. This included discussion on the EU’s position on VCMs and supporting policy initiatives, as well as an overview on current projects developed in Europe.

Nerijus Zableckis of the Foundation for Peatlands Restoration and Conservation, Lithuania, and Wiktor Kotowski, from Polish Wetlands International Europe member Centrum Ochrony Mokradeł (CMok), then shared their views on the opportunities and technical, practical and legal difficulties experienced in establishing these schemes. VCMs are currently being developed in Lithuania and CMok is currently working actively to develop a VCM in Poland. This was followed by open discussion with the audience, who shared feedback based on their own experiences.

Wetlands International co-organised the event with Europe member Centrum Ochrony Mokradeł (CMok).