New report reveals most of Europe’s river basins will still be unhealthy in 2027

11 out of 13 river basins studied in various EU countries will still be unhealthy in 2027, new research reveals. This means those countries will […]


A pan-European survey to strengthen and improve policies and strategic planning regarding river continuity restoration

This pan-European survey investigates the status and potential of longitudinal river continuity restoration within Europe. Recent studies and inventories indicate that the degree of river […]


REGISTER NOW: Water, Wetlands & Fires: Innovative solutions for Green Recovery in South America

On the occasion of the World Environment Day in June, dedicated this year to ecosystem restoration, and that will also mark the launch of the […]


Calling for the full implementation of the nature protection commitments in the Biodiversity Strategy

Wetlands International Europe together with members of the European Habitats Forum have sent an open letter to the European Commission, the Presidency of the Council […]


Release: Legal Toolkit to protect rivers from hydropower development

We are happy to announce the release of our “Toolkit on how to use EU and international environmental law to protect rivers from hydropower development”. […]


Natural sponge effects in the German Middle Mountains

This EU JRC-funded study examined the potential for natural retention in an upper catchment of the Rhine River as a nature-based solution to reduce flood […]


Webinar on Legal Tools to Protect Rivers from Hydropower Development

For years, activists and civil society organisations have been arguing against the further damming of Europe’s remaining free-flowing rivers. In particular, the construction of new […]


Submission to the EC public consultation on biodiversity

The European Commission is working to put forward legally binding targets for ecosystem restoration by the end of 2021, which will restore damaged ecosystems by […]


Eels – “The Great Travellers of the Mediterranean Lagoons”

The European eel is an emblematic species of Mediterranean lagoons, but it is also found in a wide variety of habitats. This species, with its […]

Case study

Wetland restoration scenarios to determine ecosystem services trade-offs

Restoration of the sponge function in wetland soils in sub catchments of larger river systems is a nature-based solution for flood mitigation and drought prevention […]