Joint Statement on the European Commission’s proposal for a Soil Monitoring Law

Wetlands International Europe is one of 38 signatories calling for increased ambition to achieve the goal of healthy soils in the EU. The European Commission […]


Open letter on peatlands in the EU Nature Restoration Law

Wetlands International Europe, supported by a broad coalition of conservationists, scientists and farmers caring for wetlands across the EU, has written an open letter to […]


Q&A on peatland rewetting and restoration

This joint paper, drafted by the Greifswald Mire Centre and Wetlands International Europe, addresses key questions raised in the European Parliament and the EU Council […]


Recommendations for the Asia-Pacific Regional Multi-Annual Indicative Programme

At the beginning of March, the Directorate General for International Partnerships organised a virtual discussion to follow up on the implementation of the Multi-annual Indicative […]


The role of wetlands in EU Programming plans in Africa – Briefing

This briefing highlights the role of wetlands and Wetlands International’s work in EU programming plans in Africa. The main aim of the operational briefing is […]


Submission to the EU Public Consultation on Critical Raw Materials Act

Wetlands International Europe, with the support of the Wetlands International Latin America office in Argentina, provided input to the European Commission’s questionnaire as part of […]


Higher ambition for Peatlands in the EU Nature Restoration Law Proposal – Briefing

On 22 June 2022, the European Commission presented its long-awaited proposal for a law to restore Europe’s degraded ecosystems, habitats and species. The draft law, […]


Our position on EU rules for soil health

This paper sets out our position on an EU Soil Health Law, provided to the European Commission in response to its public consultation ahead of […]

Eurasian Curlew Publication

Guidelines on climate change adaptation measures for waterbirds

The Agreement on the Conservation of African-Eurasian Migratory Waterbirds (AEWA) adopted new “Complementary guidelines on climate change adaptation measures for waterbirds” during their MOP (Meeting […]


NGO Briefing on REPowerEU revision of the Renewable Energy Directive and hydropower

The European Commission’s ‘REPowerEU’ initiative, including the proposal to further amend the EU Renewable Energy Directive (RED), sets a higher EU renewable energy target and  […]