NGOs urge Latin American, Caribbean and EU leaders to engage with civil society in developing partnership

Wetlands International Europe and the EU-Latin America and the Caribbean Civil Society Working Group, trade unions, local governments and their associations, are requesting a clear […]


Civil society proposals to strengthen EU-Latin America and Caribbean relations

Wetlands International Europe and the EU-Latin America and the Caribbean Working Group have published a series of recommendations aimed at ensuring the EU’s New Agenda […]


Nature restoration law still on track but European Parliament puts targets for wetlands restoration in doubt

The European Parliament has voted in favour of the Nature Restoration Law and the EU Green Deal, despite an unprecedented disinformation campaign aiming to destroy […]


NGOs call for effective implementation of the Deforestation Law

Today, 29 June 2023, the Deforestation-free products Regulation enters into force and Wetlands International Europe together with over 150 organisations from 40 countries is calling […]

Mura River, Slovenia News

EU Nature Restoration Law survives key Parliament committee vote

Brussels, 15 June — This morning, the European Parliament’s Environment Committee (ENVI) narrowly voted against the move to reject the EU Nature Restoration Law, allowing […]


MYRIAD-EU: Creating a risk management paradigm shift

On 14 June, we organised an internal informative lunch session on a H2020 project we are part of as sectoral representative for ecosystems: MYRIAD-EU. MYRIAD-EU’s […]


Europe and its peatlands need the Nature Restoration Law

Recent political developments are putting the proposed EU Nature Restoration Law at risk, with certain politicians citing largely misleading arguments about food security, its impact […]


Take action to #RestoreNature

Nature is essential to our survival. To prevent the increasing fires across the continent. To resist the floods destroying European homes and livelihoods. To generate […]


World Water Day: The water impacts of lithium extraction

Today marks World Water Day, an annual event celebrating the most precious resource for people and nature. The same day, governments, including the EU, are […]


Recommendations for the Asia-Pacific Regional Multi-Annual Indicative Programme

At the beginning of March, the Directorate General for International Partnerships organised a virtual discussion to follow up on the implementation of the Multi-annual Indicative […]