Future BirdScenarios

Future BirdScenarios: The impact of climate change on our bird conservation policies webinar The Biodiversa+ funded Future BirdScenarios project has focused on integrating citizen science […]


European waterfowl researchers condemn decision of Andalusian regional parliament regarding Doñana National Park

Doñana National Park supports thousands of breeding birds, millions of migratory ones and more wintering waterfowl than any other site in Europe. All these birds […]


Expressing support for our Belarusian member upon being shut down by the government

On 18 March the Supreme Court of Belarus forced our member BirdLife Belarus/APB to cease operations and liquidated the organisation. We are deeply saddened by […]


MAVA Partnership Steering Committee Meeting

From 9th to 11th February, WWF Adria hosted in Mostar, Bosnia & Herzegovina the Steering Committee meeting under the M1/M2 Partnership on ensuring integrated river […]


Successful International Waterbird Census and training in Tunisia

The Association “Les Amis des Oiseaux” AAO/BirdLife in Tunisia completed the international count of wintering waterbirds (IWC 2022) in Tunisia on 31 January 2022. This […]


Important new data resource for European breeding birds

The EBBC has made the latest bird breeding maps available on the European Breeding Bird Atlas 2  website. This is a valuable resource to understand […]


7th International Swan Symposium

Following previous international symposia of the Wetlands International/IUCN-SSC Swan Specialist Group – held at Slimbridge (UK, 1971), Sapporo (Japan, 1980), Oxford (UK, 1989), Virginia (USA […]


Managing Natura 2000 protected areas matter to help waterbirds to shift their range during climate change

New research suggests that the management of protected area can advance range shifts of wintering waterbirds towards north as the climate warms Climate warming push […]

Site monitoring framework draft

Target 3.2 of the AEWA Strategic Plan 2019-2027 sets out that “The status of, the threats to, and the effectiveness of conservation measures implemented at […]

AEWA waterbird monitoring priorities

In June 2021, the AEWA Standing Committee has approved the draft report on Monitoring priorities for waterbird species and populations of AEWA written by Wetlands […]