Benefits of European river restoration schemes

River restoration refers to ecological, physical, spatial, and management measures and practices aimed at restoring a more natural state and functioning of the river system […]


Webinar series ‘Restoring river continuity: methods and open challenges’

Wetlands International – European Association and the Italian Center for River Restoration invite you to join a series of webinars explaining methods and challenges of […]


An Analysis of River Fragmentation in Spanish Basins

The construction of hard barriers in many of Europe’s rivers means that few can claim to be genuinely free-flowing anymore. This has had serious implications […]


The Sava River basin: potential for reconciling nature and development

The Sava River is one of Europe’s ecologically and culturally most interesting lifelines and increasingly threatened by infrastructural development. At an event at the European […]


NGOs team up for healthy river ecosystems in Europe

Wetlands International – European Association joins forces with other environmental and fisheries organisations to call attention for stronger protection of rivers and wetlands in Europe. […]


EVENT- The river Sava: Threats and restoration potential

On 28 March 2017, our Member EuroNatur Foundation will launch the ‘Sava White Book: The Sava River Basin – its ecological character, main threats and restoration […]

Case study

Restoration of marshes in the Rhine basin for flood and drought risk reduction

Natural water retention measures can help reduce flood and drought risks in Europe. Restoration of the water storage capacity of marshes in the upstream section […]


Towards a sustainable vision for river ecosystems and riverine landscapes in Poland

Having reviewed the plans of the Polish government to regulate and modify major rivers of Poland for navigation purposes, Wetlands International-European Association wishes to express […]


Fluvial territory: Restoration space

This technical note on river restoration explores the concept of Fluvial Territory as a space of sufficient width and continuity to retain or regain the […]


River Sinuosity Index: Geomorphological characterisation

Technical note on river restoration This technical notes on river restoration explores the concept of sinuosity. Sinuosity is used to define the degree of meandering […]